Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fork Peak - a nice journey!

It was such a nice weekend we just had to get out there! Neil, Dave and I wanted to keep the outing simple and not too long. Next weekend we are doing a 100km's for the Vancouver100. Here we are on the top of Fork Peak in the Grouse area. Fork Peak has been added to the list of North Shore peaks included in this years Bagger Challenge.  It is accessible via a very nice rolling trail at the end of Goat Ridge about 1km past Goat Mountain.  We also bagged Goat and Dam while we were out there to make a trio of peaks for our first bagging outing of the year.  
Here's Dave and I enjoying some lunch with a very nice view of the Needles range behind us.  
Look what came by when we were on top of Dam. 
Koola and Grinder, the grizzly bears at Grouse were very active when we went by. We even witnessed the 2 of them standing on their hind legs and having a bit of a fight. It was quite something to see. Thank goodness there is a fence between us and them! 
Today we had a good run at Hayward Lake in the morning and ended the day with an evening bike ride on the Pitt Meadows dykes. 
It is such a peaceful ride with magnificent views. Great way to cap off the weekend. Next post will be all about Vancouver 100. We are really looking forward to the journey - it's our 25th wedding anniversary so we will have plenty to reminisce about along the way! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

It was a Long Weekend!

Saturday Neil and I had a good training run for the V100. We went from Grouse Mountain to Deep Cove on the Baden Powell trail ~ 25 km. (And a taxi back to the truck at Grouse Mtn!) When we hopped into the taxi the driver asked us how we got to Deep Cove? On foot...via the Baden Powell trail! He was impressed. 

Sunday we climbed the BCMC trail which starts just east of the Grouse Grind. There were literally hundreds of people doing the Grind with it being a long weekend but for us on the adjacent BCMC, it was relatively peaceful. It is a steep difficult climb 853 meters (2, 800 feet) in 3 Km's. It was really muggy and the sweat was dripping from my forehead and stinging my eyes - forgot my favourite West Highland Way Buff which does the trick of keeping the sweat out of my eyes. Next time! 
Sometimes you come across interesting creatures on the trail. This little guy is on the Baden Powell in the Grouse section. Anyone know the story of who he is cheering on?? 
Rough terrain! The trail is very eroded. 
   New shoes! I think I was drawn to the colour. ;-) Tried them out today for 2 hours at Hayward               
Lake trail - they felt great! 
    There are plenty of signs warning of Cougars this year - the real Cougars that is! ;-) There have been many sightings on the trails. Run/hike in pairs! Be safe. They are big Cats! 
Here's Neil finishing the 110 mile Cateran Trail Race in the Spittal of Glenshee, Scotland a year ago this weekend. 26.5 hours!  The event ran again this weekend and I think Neil would have liked to have been there. It's a fantastic event on a beautifully scenic course. Congratulations to all the runners this year in the 55 & 110 mile events.

Neil and brother Graeme are doing the Marathon de Ben Nevis in September (64km). See you then! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Running at Hayward Lake

This weekend we stayed at the farm and enjoyed running on the Hayward Lake Trail. This is my favourite running trail. It is very undulating which is such a good trainer. Saturday we did 2 hours as an out and back. They are still doing seismic upgrades on the hydro dam so you can't do a complete loop. Sunday we returned for 1 hour and challenged ourselves once again. 
They municipality has been doing trail work and built this bench at a place we often turn around at on summer mid week runs. How thoughtful!  Now we can sit and catch up on the day before the return leg!  
Fergus had a busy weekend! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Vancouver 100 Training

Dave, Marla, myself and Neil at the top of Black Mountain. 
Craig took the photo! 
Saturday we went from the Hollyburn ski area to the top of Black Mountain (and back again) on the V 100 route. The snow has completely disappeared from 1 week ago. It's gone...all gone! We have had several years V100 outings post holing through the snow which is so scary! I am embracing the "no snow year"! Yah! 
The terrain is slow going and rough. Here is an old bridge that has danger signs on it not to cross. Of course some Team Dodgy members could not resist the bridge crossing. Filming it to boot to capture the demise of their dodgy friend. 
Here's Neil and I crossing the creek - the sensible way.  There are plenty of creek crossings Iike this on this section of the 100kms. 
The Birdman Dave and his friend the Whiskey Jack eating right out of his hand. They love peanut butter sandwiches. 
Sunday Neil, Fergus (dog) and myself went back out on the V100 route for 2 hours. Here's Fergus on the Seymour Grind. He flew up this rough steep climb. A strong trail dog determined to get to the top! 
Looking forward to a week of spinning, running, biking, TRX and of course the upcoming weekend trail outings!