Sunday, June 10, 2012

Norvan Falls

Craig and I on the Suspension Bridge at Norvan Falls

Saturday we had a 3 hour outing to Lynn Creek past Norvan Falls in North Vancouver. The weather has been a bit cool here in Vancouver although the humidity has been quite high. Amazing how after some runs you can really feel how much salt is on your face and the hot spots start to chafe. It was great to push it a bit after last weeks adventure on the snow. I really enjoyed the run and if felt great to not be wearing yak tracks and needing poles! Today Neil and I ran for 2 hours on the Alouette Mountain trail - it is such a good trainer this run. It is just at the right incline to run while pushing you at a pace you can maintain. We are excited about my graduation ceremony this coming Friday and our upcoming trip to Europe that includes some trail running in the Dolomites and the Cinque Terra in Italy. Looking forward to an active vacation! Here is the link to trail running in the Dolmites. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vancouver 100 (well a bit of it!)

This weekend was the Vancouver 100, one of my favourite events! The full course is 100 km's but you can do a "custom" and do any distance that suits the day (or days). Last year Neil, Marla and I completed the 100km. This year I knew I wasn't quite ready for that. I have a few residual aches and pains from the 22 hour outing in the Grand Canyon and this course on the Baden Powell Trail is a tough one.
        The night before the event we had a plan for a group of 5 of us to start at Nelson Creek and travel to Deep Cove (50 km). Marla was our crew. We received a text from Chad that Steve was out. That left Neil, Chad, Liza and myself. We met at 8 am in the Nelson Creek parking lot. Craig, the RD of this event dropped Liza off and took an official starting photo. After about 20 minutes on the trail Liza realized she had lost her keys. We had no cell phone reception - Liza decided to retrace her steps and catch up with Craig thinking her keys could possibly be in his car. Later on we received a text from Craig the keys were with him. Now we were down to 3 - Neil, Chad and myself. 

 Climbing up Black Mountain
 Chad trying out his poles on the climb.
 The boulder field climbing up Black Mountain
 Chad at the top of Black Mountain - it's misty.
 Over the other side of the mountain we met the snow. This is the top of the sign post - there is still lots of snow up there.
 The snow section lasted for a couple of hours. It was hard going with lots of post holeing and dodgy moments.
 Chad negotiating one of the creek crossings - dodgy!
 Another creek crossing - dodgy!
 Chad making sure I don't end up face first in the creek.
 More snow on the Hollyburn X country ski runs before I joined Marla for some crewing after 6.5 hours on the trail - now they were down to 2!

Chad and Neil done! A great day on the trails and a chance to see many familiar trail friends. Tonight we joined the post event celebration. It was so motivating to hear the stories of the 100km finishers. I'll be back next year - and the 100km is calling again. Thanks Craig for a great event...I'm feeling very inspired! (and a little stiff and sore today)