Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Return Trip to Fork Peak

This weekend Craig was in town. He is trying to complete the peaks in the Bagger Challenge. We managed to help him complete Fork Peak and 1st Pump on Seymour. Here's Neil, myself and Craig's friend Steve on the top of Fork Mountain. Fork is at the far eastern end of the Grouse Range and can be accessed by trail the entire way. The temperatures were hot! 30 plus with no shade! Glad I had my sun visor and sunglasses. 
The selfie at the top - awesome views! Aprox 4 hours round trip. 
I dropped Neil and Craig at the top of Mt. Seymour so Craig could complete 1st Pump. I was concerned about our dear Fergus who had been stung by a bee the day before and had a bad reaction. Lynette and Gillian were able to pick them up after another successful bag of one more peak on Craig's to do list. We all enjoyed the patio in Coal Harbour at the local pub to celebrate the day. 
Fergus is doing well! He now has his own bee sting kit. Sounds very familiar! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Knee Knacker #10 for Neil

The 27th running of the Knee Knacker (50km) took place this weekend. Here's Neil finishing his 10th Knee Knacker in 7:33. He has been very consistent with all 10 finishes being within the same hour. Well done Neil! Only 56 people have completed 10 Knee Knackers. 
Neil with the other 10 year finishers this year with their prize of a nice piece of aboriginal art. 
Chad, Randy and Neil at the finish line in Deep Cove. Beautiful setting for a race finish. Note the dry grass...for the event it was misting with rain, it was the first bit of moisture we have had for months. 

Congratulations to all those who participated in the 2015 Knee Knacker! Hmmm....will he go for #11? and for myself #5? 
Happy Trails! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Canada Day

We had a great Canada Day long weekend celebration. 
We started Canada Day with a very hot climb up Mt. Seymour, our new training ground with a consistent climb and good quad training on the way down. 

Later in the afternoon we enjoyed a bike ride on the sea wall to burn up all the lactic acid from the Mt. Seymour climb.  

Dinner and Canada Day fireworks in Burrard Inlet viewed from the roof top of the condo. Great show! 

And a quiet and reflective moment for Neil at sunset on Third Beach on the Seawal! We enjoyed a picnic at sunset on the beach. 

The smoke in the photos is from all the forest fires surrounding Vancouver. It's hot and dry here. Very heavy forest fire smoke and hot temperatures today - 38 degrees at the farm today! 

Another climb up Mt. Seymour with Neil and Dave. It was another hot one! This is an action shot of me trying to swipe that very large black fly - zoom it in and you can see the annoying creature.  Very Dodgy Beasts! That's 3 climbs of Mt Seymour this week, nice! 
And Vancouver had the excitement of hosting the FIFA Women's World Cup Final today between the USA and Japan.  The city was full of American fans this weekend and they were happy as their team won the final 5-2! The competition has been held across Canada with several cities hosting the 52 games played over the last month. It's been a great competition and a huge boost for women's soccer.....and for tourism in Vancouver and across Canada!