Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Nice Long Run on the Diez Vista Route

The rain held off and Wendy, Neil and I enjoyed a good tough outing on the Diez Vista route. There is a 50 km run on this route in a few weeks. We have participated in it a few years now - it was my very first Ultra Trail Run in 2005. Wendy despite all her running experience had never been up and down the Diez Vista Trail. It was an honour to take her on her first! As we were running one route out there Club Fat Ass was hosting the Run to the Clouds event close by. Our route took us about 4 hours which is just what we had estimated it to be. Once back to the car there was a message from Heather saying the post run event was at the Golden Spike Pub close by. Let's join them! It was great to catch up with Heather and Ean as well as many others who were participating in the event. We enjoyed a beverage and some food before the draw prizes started to happen. Neil, Heather and I all won Ryder Sunglasses and coffee mugs. Very Nice! Glad we showed up! Many thanks to the host! Planning another nice long run next weekend in Squamish, Wendy wants to show us some of her favourite trails there - it's Easter weekend which means 4 days off work so we should be able to run long a few days. Thanks Wendy and Neil for a good tough run today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Running Shirt for Spring!

The new Club Fat Ass running shirt arrived in the mail. It is bright yellow with dark purple writing - Awesome! Amazing how a new piece to the running wardrobe can inspire you to wear it and get out there. Yesterday was the first non running Saturday Neil and I have had for a long time. We are quite committed to being consistent with our weekend runs and 3 nights during the week. However, this monster called Statistics consumed my Saturday and most of today. Another midterm exam on Tuesday! We did get out today for a run at Hayward Lake (sorry Andy I forgot the camera!)but I did take a picture of the new club Fat Ass shirt for 2010. Tonight we planned some upcoming longer runs to kick it up a notch. We changed the clocks last weekend so the longer days will inspire us to run a little longer mid week. Speaking of being "inspired" the Paralympics Closing ceremony was tonight. The Olympics are over! Now that experience was so very inspiring. Vancouver/Whistler did a fantastic job of hosting. It was a great success for the athletes, organizers and fans! Did you enjoy them? Now Vancouver is considering hosting World Cup Soccer in 2026. Would you attend?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Olympic Spirit!

The Paralympics are here! And what a reason to celebrate! The city has come alive after a few days of rest. The opening ceremony was a fantastic celebration of overcoming the challenges life can deal us. Neil and I ran Saturday on our local hill and then I had to hit the books before we departed for the Saturday Vancouver Canuck's Hockey game against Ottawa. We Won 5-1!! Today we ran a loop of Hayward Lake 17km - it was great to get around as it has been closed for the last year due to seismic upgrades on the dams. It really is my favourite local training ground.
Enjoy the photos of the opening ceremonies, myself with Finn the Canuck's mascot and Hayward Lake this weekend!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Over Coming a Fear!

A nice quiet weekend after those Olympic Games! ;-)Easy running this weekend - 2 runs at Hayward Lake. Check out the youtube link of Rick Hansen Bungee Jumping at Whistler. Incredible Courage!

Monday, March 1, 2010

CANADA WINS GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW...What a day! We started with an early 3.5 hour run with friends. Craig kindly offered his place for showers for those going on to party's and for those who wanted to stay and watch the game. Neil and I stayed and watched the game with many and then carried on to the Closing Ceremony Party at Kendall and Chris's. What a spectacular win to end the Olympic Games! A Big Big Party tonight in Vancouver!!!
Well done all!!!