Monday, November 30, 2015

December - Snow Shoeing and the Marcothon Begins!

Saturday night Neil and I ventured to Grouse Mountain for some Snowshoeing. It was our first snow outing this winter. The mountain was full of winter activities. Santa and his Reindeer are in the wooden hut behind the skating rink. Good times! More snow for the mountains is predicted this week while we get showered with rain in the city. 
Grouse Mountain has added some very sparkly lights along the trails close to the chalet. Good photo opportunities. 
It was a very clear night that gave us great views of Vancouver below. 

Tomorrow (in 1 hour) is December 1st! Time for the Marcothon (Scottish Event) where you must run every day in December for a minimum of 25 minutes. Sounds easy enough...but my experience at being successful reminds me it takes good planning. It can be a real challenge mid week with the dark evenings and the seasonal parties. It's just what we all need - I become very thankful for our long driveway and property some evenings!  Other activities (Spinning, TRX, Yoga) don't count but do please keep them up! Happy Marcothon...Santa Shuffle next weekend!