Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Activities

We started the Easter weekend with a snowshoe up Mount Seymour on Friday.  We started out in the mist but it soon burned away and we had glorious sunshine. Then we were off to Whistler for some downhill skiing.  
Mount Seymour that towers over the Vancouver area. 
This is at the top of Whistler mountain looking across to the Blackcomb Mountain ski area.  
Ski helmets are a new addition to the gear since we last skied. They were very cushioned and comfortable so easy to wear. 
What a beautiful day! 
Nice apres ski as well! 
Look - a Craig sighting!! 
Monday we were back in Vancouver and met up with Craig for another snowshoe outing on Seymour, we just had to experience again the incredible conditions so late in the season. I think the snow is going to be around for awhile!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Day of the 2016 Bagger Challenge

Neil and Dave Mt. Seymour on the first day of the 2016 Bagger Challenge. Go team Dodgy! 
Looking at Cathedral Mountain 
A little Dodgy! 
Hang on Dave! 

There is plenty of snow which should hang around for some more snowy adventures yet this year. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nice View of the Golden Ears Range

The snow is deep on the peaks. Today this was the view for my run. I could have stayed out there all day! The air was fresh and the sun was warm. I had a 12noon spin class to get to so I had to leave the scene. 
This is the Golden Ears Range from the Dykes in Pitt Meadows. 
This range is at the end of Pitt Lake. The skyline was beautiful today with the snow capped peaks in view for my run. I plan to repeat the route again tomorrow after an early spin class. 
It is Spring Break so the ski mountains will be bustling with such ideal snow and weather conditions.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vancouver Hosts the World Rugby 7's.

This weekend I had a Rugby 7's immersion! Vancouver was hosting 16 countries for the World Rugby 7's. Neil had purchased tickets months ago, and now the weekend was here. The weather was wet and windy outside so why not sit in a stadium for 2 days! I watched 30 Rugby 7's games in 2 days. The event was very entertaining with game after game that had 2, 7 minute halves. The rugby was quick and the players very skilled. The worst part was the inactivity for 2 days! We did have a 4km walk each way to and from the stadium both days so that was most welcome!
The event was held in BC Place Stadium 
The Canadian fans were having a good time! 
Canada won the Bowl round as a result of winning their final game against France 19 - 17. It was a thriller, with Canada clinching a huge win in the last few seconds of the game. The crowd went wild! 
New Zealand's All Blacks won the Cup taking South Africa 19 -14. We also saw the All Blacks 15 a side play in the World Cup in London. I feel like a fan! 
The fans around us were proudly wearing their team jersey's. Much beer was consumed by those in attendance but I did notice less consumption on day 2, I think they must have been suffering from the over consumption on the first day. Overall a great event! It's coming again next year - let's go!