Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ran into a Family of Black Bears Tonight!

My running has been somewhat limited the last few weeks for 2 reasons. First, Neil's Dad is visiting from Edinburgh. Second, we are having an extreme heat wave here in British Columbia with several forest fires burning. Temperature records have been set with highs reaching over 100 degrees F where we live. Having an elderly visitor from Scotland has not helped! The concepts of drinking water, sunscreen, wearing a hat, staying out of the mid day sun are all foreign for him. Tonight I attempted a run at Hayward Lake on my own on the railway trail side. I was really looking forward to the outing. The day area at the lake was full of people enjoying the beach, lake and picnic grounds. As I headed out on the trail several people looked at me like I was crazy running in this heat. About 5 minutes out from the crowds I heard a terrible commotion to my left in the bush. I turn and discovered 3 bears up in a tree at the trail side desperately on route down. Not very graciously I must say! I turned around and did a sprint back to my car. There is nothing like the creatures of our land to define our place in this world! If others had been with me I may have had more courage to be curious but they were only feet away and I felt like I was the one crashing the party. Neil's Dad leaves Friday night and we are really hoping for some serious running this long weekend here in BC. For the last 3 years we have enjoyed a local 50 mile event in Squamish. Not sure with the lack of running if we can do it! The mileage we accomplish this weekend will be the deciding factor. Fingers crossed for cooler temperatures!

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