Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Running Shirt for Spring!

The new Club Fat Ass running shirt arrived in the mail. It is bright yellow with dark purple writing - Awesome! Amazing how a new piece to the running wardrobe can inspire you to wear it and get out there. Yesterday was the first non running Saturday Neil and I have had for a long time. We are quite committed to being consistent with our weekend runs and 3 nights during the week. However, this monster called Statistics consumed my Saturday and most of today. Another midterm exam on Tuesday! We did get out today for a run at Hayward Lake (sorry Andy I forgot the camera!)but I did take a picture of the new club Fat Ass shirt for 2010. Tonight we planned some upcoming longer runs to kick it up a notch. We changed the clocks last weekend so the longer days will inspire us to run a little longer mid week. Speaking of being "inspired" the Paralympics Closing ceremony was tonight. The Olympics are over! Now that experience was so very inspiring. Vancouver/Whistler did a fantastic job of hosting. It was a great success for the athletes, organizers and fans! Did you enjoy them? Now Vancouver is considering hosting World Cup Soccer in 2026. Would you attend?

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