Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Here - North Shore Bagger Challenge | Club Fat Ass

It's Back! April 1st brought the start of the 2010 Bagger Challenge. See the highlights and follow the excitement at the link below. Last year was the inaugural year and it took us on many great outings with fellow baggers. I was the winner of the "Baguettes" - the female with the most peaks bagged. Wendy was close behind me! We are planning to get out and bag our first one this weekend that will include a boat ride and a bike ride. Another peak has been added to that journey - can we find it and do both in the same day? Apparently the newly addded peak requires some route finding skills and bush whacking - note to self - wear long tights and long sleeves!

North Shore Bagger Challenge | Club Fat Ass


  1. Congrats to you baguettes! I thought of you on sunny Gambier as I froze my wazoo off snowshoe bagging up on Hollyburn Peak. And my accomplishment doesn't even count!!! It's gonna be a great year.

  2. were out there and didn't last year you win that quaich that was a bit squished!! ;-0

    Happy Bagging!