Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lynn Peak and the South Needle - 2 Water Bags in the Bagger Challenge!

Well it is about time I managed to Bag some Peaks in the Club Fat Ass - Bagger Challenge. Last year I was the female "baguette" for being the female who bagged the most peaks. Up to today I have only done one but we did 2 more today! Progress is happening! Not only did I add 2 more to the list we also did what is known as a "Water Bag" which means going from sea level to peak. Wendy, Neil and myself started at the Park and Tilford Mall and ran down to the mouth of the Lynn River and made our way via trail to join up to the familiar Dirty Duo route and joined up with Craig, Heather and Dave Berg at the Gazebo. We left from there to head up Lynn Peak. Neil and Craig had been out bagging on Thursday so they were a bit tired and wow it was a warm day! 30 degrees and full sun! Most of the route up Lynn is in the shade so that was nice. It is a good climb up. Once at the peak we headed on to the South Needle which we had approached from a different way last year. We met the junction where the Hydraulic Creek trail that we came up last year joins in. We stopped for a bite to eat - PBJ sandwiches for Neil and I! Up we went for some more climbing. Once we hit the open rock we all managed very well. Neil reminded us not to look down as we approached the summit and we scrambled to the top in good form. It was a beautiful clear day so we stayed on top for a bit taking in the views and appreciating the warm sun. We made good time coming down the Hydraulic Creek trail - it is steep but I don't mind it as there is always a way to negotiate your footing down. Once down we ran the 5.5km road to the finish which felt so refreshing to run on a flattish surface after all the climbing and descent we did. A total time out there of 6.5 hours consisting of a run, a climb, a descent and a 5.5km run to the finish. A great day out - a quick wash up at Craig's before some much needed sustenance at the Black Bear.
Craig and myself heading up!

Nice view on the way to Lynn Peak!

Myself, Wendy, Heather, Craig and Dave...Neil taking the picture.
Craig and I - the top of Lynn Peak!

Coming Down!

The top of the South Needle.

This is Peak # 3 for me - #7 for Neil!

Craig, Heather and myself on the top of the South Needle.

Craig, Wendy, Heather and myself wandering around the top of the South Needle

Heather and Wendy traversing the terrain very well!

Craig and myself working our way down...lots of fun!

The End!! We are all watching Craig hose off the dirt...we were all content to stay dirty!

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