Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Baggers Dirty Hat

With the Bagger Challenge now complete for 2010 there were no plans to meet fellow baggers for those long days on the mountains this weekend. Neil and I settled for our favourite local trail, Hayward Lake. There was a chance of rain so I grabbed my hat that I had just washed this week after the end of bagging season. It didn't come clean! I often had the hat clipped onto the outside of my pack and with the descent of many peaks taking place on my backside the hat became indredibly dirty. We had a good laugh when I put it on today with much dirt remaining! The trail at Hayward Lake was a carpet of thick maple leaves today. The seasons have changed since we were last there. It is such a peaceful trail - I said to Neil today that when I run on the trail at Hayward I feel a sense of comfort and peace. The trail is always different depending on the season and the weather. It is a very good work out with technical trails and undulating hills. The direction we like to do the trail finishes with 7km of flattish trail that is a good run out. We were done in 2 hours and had time for a quick shop on Robson Street for a few fall essentials. Weather forecast is for stormy winds and rain tonight and tomorrow.

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