Sunday, July 24, 2011

Three Peaks - South Lynn, Lynn and South Needle

Neil at the top of the South Needle - eating his cookies that he did not share!

Nice View!

It's a long way down - 1200 meters!

At the top of the South Needle - chewing down a Peanut Butter Sandwich! Neil is looking for those cookies! (he brought 4 from home - I was thinking one for each of us - not!!)

Lynn Peak - Liza, Carolyn and Neil.

South Lynn Peak - Neil, Dave, Liza and Carolyn

Neil looking for his cookies that he did not share!

Dave, Neil and Liza and a really big tree!

Liza, Carolyn and Dave - 3 fingers for 3 Bags!

Interesting looking fungi growing on a decaying log.

Saturday morning we met Dave and Liza at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve at the Gazebo to head out to bag a few peaks. It was a warm sunny morning and everyone was in good spirits. We all participated in the Knee Knacker 50km event 2 weeks ago and were keen to share our memories of the day and of course the lessons we learned along the way

We had a few minutes of gentle trail before it went straight up to the South Lynn Peak which is at 1,000 meters. We took the essential photo and then carried on to Lynn Peak. These peaks don't have your typical "at the top" feel. They are trees in the woods with pink ribbon identifying the highest point - no views! We carried on to the South Needle (1200 meters) that does have the "at the top" feel with fantastic views of both the Seymour Range and the Grouse Range.

The bugs were nasty at the top. We had a quick bite to eat and then carried on. Neil and Dave continued on towards the Middle Needle and Liza and I retraced our steps back down. Neil and Dave promised to use wise judgement. Liza and I made it off the top well. It is exposed in sections (no bounce for a kilometer!) - Liza led the way and I followed her path down. The trail and rocks were really wet at times making it very slippery. I have been on this trail now 3 times and this was the most treacherous it has been. It is a very steep climb up and what goes up must come down. Unfortunately between Lynn Peak and the South Needle you loose the elevation climbed and go down/down to climb back up. The South Needle is 1200 meters. Total elevation gain 2,000 meters (6,000 plus feet). That explains why the legs are a bit tired today.;-)

We joined the Hydraulic Creek trail for the route down. About half way down Liza and I heard voices. Sure enough in a few minutes Neil and Dave appeared. They executed wise judgement when they came upon some wet slippery rocks. It was good to have their company again. The Hydraulic Creek trail is very soft underfoot and since it was so wet we all found ourselves on our butt at some point. The trail comes down to a paved parkway that is 5km from the car. We had a good 5km run out on the road to finish back at the Gazebo. Neil and I joined Dave for a coffee - Liza headed home for her Birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Liza! Great outing - weather was perfect and the exercise was challenging. Just what I needed.

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