Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve - Eve

Well there are a couple of hours left for December 23rd here in Vancouver. The trees (yes 2!) are up and the house is decorated both inside and out. Over here we do the "outside lights" too. Don't worry we don't go tacky - just some nice white lights in a big tree and over the rhododendrons up the drive way.

The gifts are wrapped in time for the family to take them away tomorrow evening. We are having family over for Christmas Eve. I bought Neil a slightly bigger climbing pack that can take a few extra items. ;-) (Don't tell him!) Some of my fellow Baggers may appreciate this gift.

Whew...what a busy time it has been. Thank goodness for the Marcothon! I've been good! Forcing myself to fit in 25 minutes of running every day in December. On the weekends that is no problem as we are out for some longer outings. What is really tough are those wet rainy dark days when you have Christmas parties to attend after work. It makes one be creative at some very early hours or squeeze it in after work and be late for the party. I must say I think it has helped one cope with the busyness at this time of year. I usually run 5 times/week but adding those 2 extra runs on the road,albeit short, is inflicting upon me a few aches and pains. Neil has been trying to run every day as well but has missed a few. He too is noticing the aches from the road.

We are both off until after New Year and plan to run every day but we will have more time to hit the softer trails instead of heading out on the road from home.

Merry Christmas To All!

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