Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Got Out! It's been awhile...

The past few months I have been completing my Masters of Science degree at Simon Fraser University. I have been writing my Thesis and finishing my final course work (only 2 weeks to go!) It's been an incredible journey although very intense at times which has kept me close to home and the university. I have been running most days of the week with longer runs on the weekend being close to home so nothing too exciting to blog about. Although I did have a great outing with Neil and Dave last weekend at Buntzen ( just didn't have time to blog about it!) This week Craig suggested a snow shoe outing on Friday night at Grouse Mountain. It was pouring with rain at sea level but the mountain report was showing 24cm of fresh snow. We took the gamble on the weather. As we were driving in the skies cleared. It was a spectacular outing in the fresh snow and all the rain down below kept everyone away! Once we left the ski area we didn't see anyone - we had the mountain to ourselves. Now that doesn't happen very often. The snow was deep and the silence and crisp air felt so good.
A view down to the city of Vancouver and freighters in the harbour.
Craig and I working it - it was a steep climb most of the way up with all the fresh snow.
Almost there!
Craig and I stopping to take a layer off. The steep climb warms you up quickly.
Cold at the start. Craig taking a phone call!
Ready to go!
Getting the gear on.

Thanks Neil and Craig for a great outing. The apres snack in the lodge was so nice and relaxing with the lights of the city below. Nice to have a mountain all to ourselves in such spectacular snow conditions with incredible views. Let's do it again soon! I think the snow will be there for awhile with the North Shore Mountains having greater than a 600 cm base.


  1. The snow was awesome and we sure got treated to a great view and clear night. I think we could have gotten to the top of Goat with a bit more time. Maybe next trip. There's a lot more fresh snow up there already!

  2. There is plenty of fresh snow here this AM too! I thought Neil was pulling an April fools joke when he told me there was a few inches of snow on the ground. What a snowy year we have had! Let's get out there again soon.


  3. So glad that you're exercising more than just your brain these days, Boss ! It'll be great to have you back at work. Best of luck with the last few weeks of school. Lise

  4. Wow! All that snow; brilliant pix!!

    No snow in Scotland ~ well, a few wee patches up on the hills but you have to look hard to find them.