Monday, August 27, 2012

My BIG Birthday Bag of Capilano Mountain

This weekend was my BIG birthday! We celebrated with a 3 night stay at Whistler that included a Birthday Bag to Capilano Mountain. It was a full days work but worth it for the party that took place on top! We had very fine food and wine, party favours, party games with prizes and spectacular 360 degree views. The company was awesome - thanks Dave, Craig, Liza and Wendy for joining Neil and I for the party!
 Neil and Craig cooling off in a alpine tarn on the desent.
 Liza (the Geologist) spotted the pyramid shaped rock!
 The next day, Neil and I had a great hike on Whistler's High Note Trail that has specatcular views. This photo is looking at the pinnacle mountain called Black Tusk.
 The spectacular Cheakamus Lake below.
 The station for the amazing Peak to Peak Gondola that connects Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain.
 The trail climbing the Chief in Squamish. Beautiful climb!
A view of Howe Sound from the Chief.. Very exposed up top! Glad the rock was dry.
A fantastic active birthday weekend! 


  1. Happy birthday! Looks like a great way to celebrate.

    And in shirts 'n shorts as well; some contrast to your mega-snow-dump winter pix!

    Best wishes from Scotland

    Murdo ~ sunny in Edinburgh too. Briefly.

  2. Carolyn, I think all of our birthday celebrations from hereon should be on top of a peak. That was a great day and a fun time. We'll have to keep close watch on the peak-imbibing however as I think that could get a bit dodgy.

  3. Great idea! Whose birthday is next??


  4. Hello Carolyn! Happy Birthday! I remember wishing you the same in a letter written from Zambia so long ago! Your climbing/running endeavours are exciting and inspiring! How fantastic to be able to enjoy the mountains from the top! When my family left Maple Ridge in ’78 we moved to North Van – to a house right beside the Baden Powell Trail and the power line near Mosquito Ck. At the time it seemed N Van was so far away from Maple Ridge. Not now! I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I saw videos of the Fat Ass crew running the same trails I did long before there was a FA club! I spent more time on those trails than anywhere else as a teen! An ACL tear has slowed me down a bit but Rick and I hike, bike, ride with our boys when we can. We vacationed in BC this summer, biking the Roberts Ck trails and passed through Squamish/Pemberton/Kamloops enroute home to Calgary. What a great drive so the hiking must be phenomenal. We stopped at one of the falls and a gorgeous lake and wished we had another week just for hiking here. We are back in Calgary again tho’ and the kids are off to school. I have really enjoyed finding friends again through Facebook and Janice Hazell(Heppner) let me know Neil Ambrose is your partner so the rest was easy! Love your blog! Would love to keep in touch (will check back here) if you like and perhaps next time we go west we could arrange to climb together. Have you ever done the Kootenai Mtns, Banff or Waterton Parks? So beautiful too!
    Best wishes!
    Lynne Empey(Watson)