Sunday, September 16, 2012

Frosty Mountain Trail Run

Saturday was the Frosty Mountain Trail Run which has three events: 50km, 27km and 13km. It is held at Manning Park - one of my favourite parks in all seasons! Craig arrived to carpool with us at 6:45 am. It was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky and a warm one too. The fun car set off determined to get there on time this year. (Last year we were late!). Craig and I convinced Neil we had time to stop at Tim Hortons in Abbotsford for some coffee and breakfast for Craig. We arrived in Manning Park with plenty of time to spare. It is about 200km and takes us aprox 2 hours from our house. Last year I think we had the start time wrong.

 All three of us were signed up for the 27km. Neil's legs were still a bit tired from his 20 hour outing last weekend so he was quite fine to hang with me for the journey. It is a tough trail run which goes up to 9,000 feet with a net elevation gain of 4,000 feet. This year near the top of the climb there were a few people not doing very well - headaches, vertigo, nausea, exhaustion - get down as fast as you can were my words of advice. We moved swiftly over the top stopping just for a brief moment to enjoy the incredible views. Once over the top it is very rough and takes you down a steep scree slope. Eventually the trail becomes runnable and it is a nice downhill all the way to the finish. Gottfried does a great job of hosting this event in such a beautiful location with plenty of food and prizes. We always enjoy hanging out on the grass at the end relaxing in the tranquil of Lightning Lakes in the shadow of the mountains.
 Working my way up...
 Reagan White on his way up - WOW it really is super steep!
 I made it!
 Heading back down...careful!
And the highlight of the day...Craig came first in his age category (50-59) ;-)
He was also recognized for the only person to do every Frosty event for the last five years. The prize for first place in his age category was a bottle of Gottfried's wine with a label on it that says Frosty Mountain Trail Run - 1st! That's a keeper!
Today we did a 3 hour bike ride on the Pitt Meadows dykes. It was another spectacular and warm day. 29 degrees out our way.
 From 9,000 feet to sea level along the Pitt Meadows Dykes.
 Plenty of boat activity in the Pitt River.
Nice Ride!

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  1. The only reason I did so well is that I could sense you and Neil right behind me the whole way. Nothing like good healthy competition to get you up and over a tall pointy mountain! Let's do it again next year.