Thursday, May 16, 2013

London England and Inverness Scotland

 We arrived in London on Sunday afternoon. Our flight went well and we really appreciated the bump up to business class to allow us to put the legs up and stretch right out - amazing how these flights can seem a few hours too short! ;-) When we arrived in London the weather was a bit mixed with showers and sunshine. We enjoyed our run in Hyde Park - it's always a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and to help shake off the jet lag.
Pelicans in Hyde Park - big birds!
The next morning we went for another run in Hyde Park. After our run we stopped at the Cafe where Neil enjoyed a Bacon Sandwich - oh my!

These are the new flats Number One Hyde Park - several million pounds for a flat here with a Mclaren Dealership and a Rolex Dealership below the building.
Always a cheery sight to see at a local pub!
 Tuesday we flew to Inverness to stay with Graeme and Fiona for a few days. They took us to some great sights including this Gorge - very deep!
 Graeme and I enjoying a stroll on the beach on the West Coast near Ullipool.
 Nice Mountain Views!
 View of Loch Ness early evening.
View of Loch Ness after the sun set. Tomorrow we head off to the start of the Cateran Race. Graeme, Neil and I are all doing it - Fiona is the crew. Looking forward to the journey! Saturday we set off at 7 am to complete 55 miles. More details to come!

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  1. Just saw the results ... well done to all three of you. Hope you enjoyed it!