Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympic Gold for Canada!

The final Olympic men's hockey game started at 4 AM Vancouver time. Many were up and watching the game at local sports bars. We opted to stay home and get up to watch the final period. It was a great game and we won 3-0 against Sweden. We were at the condo downtown Vancouver and shortly after the win we saw the reflection of the Olympic flame on a building. When out for our morning stroll with Fergus we saw the flame in the distance. The Olympic torch which sits in Jack Poole Plaza was lit throughout the games when Canada won gold.
The Olympic Torch in the distance - it snowed all weekend but there was very little accumulation in the city. 

More accumulation in the garden at the house.

Canada won a total of 25 Olympic medals at the Sochi Games. 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 5 Bronze. After all, the majority of the country was brought up in a land of ice and snow!
Well done Team Canada. 

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