Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quick Trip to Toronto and Chuckanutt

This past week we enjoyed a quick trip to Toronto. Neil had a 1 day meeting and I had a day of retail therapy. The meeting sponsors hosted us at the CN Tower for a lovely evening. Wow - is it high! The 360 degree revolving restaurant where we spent the evening is at 351 metres (1,151 feet).
CN Tower
 View Down to the City
 That's Lake Ontario the blue mass of water as seen from the CN Tower
Neil on the glass floor at the tower - he didn't look down!
Saturday Neil participated in another 50km event, Chuckanut in Bellingham USA. He finished in about the same time as previous years he has run this event solo. We have done it together a few times as well.
Fergus and I out for a run at Buntzen Lake. No views in the rain and low cloud on Sunday.
Tonight when out for a run on the dykes we spotted this Eagle in the tree. Fresh snow on the mountains! I'm enjoying the extra hour of daylight despite the temperatures still being cool.


  1. More daylight, more running. I hope you're getting revved up for the V100+.

  2. Yes - getting revved up for the V100, perhaps not the V100+?