Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Shuffle

This Saturday, Neil and I participated in the Vancouver Santa Shuffle. It is a 5km Fun Run that raises money for the local Salvation Army. It started in Stanley Park on the Seawall, close to the condo. Our plan was to walk/run to the start but at the last minute we realized it started on the other side of the park at Lumberman's Arch so we jumped in the car so we would make the race start. Once we arrived at the start area the parking lot was full and we ended up having to rush to make it to the start line. Then I noticed fellow runners all had race bibs on and we didn't! It had been a busy week and we had forgotten to pick up race packages! Fortunately their was package pick up at the start line 
This lovely Santa hat was inside...what a nice surprise! The crowd was off and Neil and I joined in.  Then I noticed that everyone else's number were red and ours were green ;-) We were in the wrong event?!?  Oh well, carry on and have some fun! Seemed like we were all running the same way so that was a good sign! It all worked out in the end and we had fun while raising money for a very worthwhile charity.    
When we finished we were rewarded with this lovely Santa Claus medal. I think it's the most intricate design I've seen on a race medal. Despite the stressful race start, and perhaps participating in the wrong event by starting at the wrong time, it was a delightful Fun Run. 
Here's Fergus enjoying the fire! Hope your Marcothon is going well!


  1. Keeping the Dodgy Spirit alive I see. Well done.