Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bye Bye January Blues!

Snowshoeing on Mt. Seymour with Dave and Neil.
The lights on the ski runs lighting up the sky and the snow.
Fergus and I on the Buntzen Lake trail. He is small but strong and mighty - wow can he take me for a run!
 We are over the jet lag, the colds and the thick fog covering Vancouver has finally lifted. All great excuses to interfere with a runners motivation. It is half way through January and we are now starting to incorporate longer runs into our weekends. Last weekend we completed 2 hours on the Dirty Duo route and today we did 2 hours at Buntzen Lake on the Diez Vista route.The Dirty Duo and Diez Vista are 2 upcoming 50km events I plan to participate in.
The spinning classes throughout the winter have helped. I'm trying to join 3-4 spin classes/week, 1 TRX class/week and to get out for 4-5 runs/week. Last Friday night Neil, Dave and I enjoyed snowshoeing up Mt. Seymour. Hopefully this week will bring more snow to the mountains and we can go again soon. I really enjoy an evening snowshoe outing. We wear our headlamps and it is very peaceful and of course a great workout. Occasionally we enjoy a little mulled wine along the route!
The terrain at Buntzen is a bit rocky but Fergus just flies over it!
I do my best to keep up!
Happy Trails!

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