Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend

We are not avid football fans despite the Seattle Seahawks being in the Super Bowl this weekend. Seattle is the closest NFL team to Vancouver and excitement filled the city. Game day was wet so we were somewhat tempted to stay indoors and watch the game. We overcame the temptation to sit in front of the TV and enjoyed a peaceful trail run from Riverside Road on the Baden Powell. Both the rain and the game must have kept folk at home. We had the trails to ourselves which was very special. We called it quits when we started to feel a bit chilled from being so wet after 1.5 hours. 

Saturday I joined Craig and Lynette for a hike on another section of the Baden Powelll from Skyline Drive where we did an out and back. The Baden Powell trail can be accessed from many points to do a section of the trail for training runs. 

                             Craig and Lynette Baden Powell Trail 

Earlier this week we witnessed a beautiful sunset on the Pitt Meadows Dyke while out for a run. A motor boat had just gone by and created the wake. 

                                      Pitt Meadows Dykes 
          Fergus and I enjoying the view on the Pitt Meadows Dykes. 

This week I did 2 Spin classes, 1 TRX class, 5 runs and 1 hike. Trying to keep the wheels turning! 


  1. It was good to be back on the BP with you!

  2. Yes- it was a good outing! Maybe we will run into each other out there for the V 100/150/200??

  3. Ohhhh, the V200 sounds soooo cool!