Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Return Trip to Fork Peak

This weekend Craig was in town. He is trying to complete the peaks in the Bagger Challenge. We managed to help him complete Fork Peak and 1st Pump on Seymour. Here's Neil, myself and Craig's friend Steve on the top of Fork Mountain. Fork is at the far eastern end of the Grouse Range and can be accessed by trail the entire way. The temperatures were hot! 30 plus with no shade! Glad I had my sun visor and sunglasses. 
The selfie at the top - awesome views! Aprox 4 hours round trip. 
I dropped Neil and Craig at the top of Mt. Seymour so Craig could complete 1st Pump. I was concerned about our dear Fergus who had been stung by a bee the day before and had a bad reaction. Lynette and Gillian were able to pick them up after another successful bag of one more peak on Craig's to do list. We all enjoyed the patio in Coal Harbour at the local pub to celebrate the day. 
Fergus is doing well! He now has his own bee sting kit. Sounds very familiar! 

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  1. Very Dodgy MooreJuly 20, 2015 at 7:18 AM

    Thanks for helping me get closer to the goal. Glad Fergus is doing better - he seemed his usual happy self on Saturday night. I shall return again soon for more fun in the hills!