Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back in Action

I've been a bit out of action with the effects of a virus that not only attacks you when you are young but re-visits you in adult life. There is now a vaccine to prevent it in adults, I would highly recommend it! 
Saturday Neil, Dave and I went back to our local favourite climb up Mt. Seymour. I let the guys go ahead as I really didn't know how I would fair up in the heat. I haven't done any climbing in three weeks. Although I am proud that I managed to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. I really like my new FitBit to measure my daily activity. It gave me something else to focus on these past few weeks. 
Here's me in my new bug jacket - a gift from Dave and Helen. It's a good one that even has a zipper on the hood so you can open it to eat and drink. Something that will come in very handy on our local mountains in the summer months. Although, this year with the hot dry summer there is no moisture therefore minimal bugs! 
Neil and I enjoyed a bike ride on the seawall after our climb up Mt. Seymour. There are clouds of smoke behind us. The winds are blowing the smoke from the serious forest fires in Washington State. There was an air quality advisory warning for the Fraser Valley. 
Here's Neil, Dave and I on the journey up Mt. Seymour. 20,000 plus steps yesterday - nice! 

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