Sunday, February 14, 2016

West Coast Trail Training Begins!

On July 16th Neil, Dave, Craig and I are booked to start the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. The trail is 76km's in length and very rough with mud, boardwalks, ladders and beach debris of logs and boulders. Most people pack tents and plan do it over 5-7 days. But team Dodgy is going to push through with a guesstimate of 24-28 hours. Yikes! 

Starting in March I will have more time in my schedule to allow for some good training. Today it was pouring rain and we found the journey from Deep Cove on the Baden Powell Trail quite a good challenge in the wet conditions.  Mud, water, board walks and plenty of stairs. 
The water in the creeks was very high. 
The wood was wet and dodgy! 
The ground underneath was very soggy so gave way quite easily. 
Water was running down the wooden stair cases. It was wet! 
What a great outing to do with your like minded partner on Valentine's  Day!

Happy Valentines Day - hope you spent your day in your own special way! 

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