Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cold and Icy Saturday Run

Today we had a bit of a sleep in as it was just my hubby and I hitting the trails this Saturday morning. The temperature was hovering around zero as we set out for a run on an old mountain logging road. The trail was icy when we started but the sun soon came out which softened the snow covering the trail. We saw many animal tracks in the snow and we think there was deer, dog and perhaps a lynx. Cat like prints but small and light. We ran for 8km up the mountain road and then returned for another 8km making todays run a total of 16km. We saw 2 other runners who are training for a 100 miler in March and are finding it a challenge to find places to run since the snowfall over the last month. Not bad for mileage this week as we managed to get out after work for a few outings during the week. Today during the run I was reviewing in my mind all the things I learned this past week in a new position at work. Looking foward to next weeks challenges. I was also thinking of a friend whose dog had to be put to sleep last night. It is so sad to loose a pet, they are often the best friend you could ever ask for. Off to the hockey game tonight, Vancouver vs Minnesota. Go Canucks Go!

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