Sunday, February 1, 2009

Icy and Snowy Sunday Run

Well the Canucks did not win but we had fun at the game! Today Neil and I set out for a loop of Hayward Lake, 17km. To our surprise there was still a fair bit of snow and ice on the trail. The trail circles the lake and has 2 distinct sides to the loop. One side is the old railway trail and the other is a hilly undulating trail in the woods. The bears live on the side of the railway trail and the cougars live on the wooded side! We have spotted both species on several occasions. The cougar has always been sighted in the same area so we call that "cougar alley." Neil always waits for me before proceeding, there is comfort in going through there together!
Running on the snow and ice is a bit slower and hard work! Our legs were feeling tired by the time we finished the loop today. Total of running for the weekend, 33km. Rest day from running tomorrow, work out with Warren (trainer) tomorrow night. He makes us do all the things that runners don't like to do like stretching and movements that take us sideways. Runners run using the forward movement and need to strengthen the counter muscles. Unfortunately this week I learned that my running buddy and husband who were joining us on the WHW journey will not be doing the event or joining us in Scotland. Neil and I were both very disappointed as we were really looking forward to sharing the experience. Accommodation was booked and family and friends excited about our visit. Now we have to turn to plan B...which we are uncertain about at this time. I am reluctant to attempt this event on my own due to the wilds of Scotland and the fact that the runner is only supported by their crew who the runner may not see for hours. Maybe Neil and I will do it as a husband and wife team! That may pose some challenges on its own. :) Perhaps with support from the family members and the local running club we can make it work. Oh the logistics of ultra running! Thankfully we have plenty of time to figure it all out.

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