Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st Place - BC Ultra Running Trail Series

Receiving My Prize for First Place in My age Group for the BC Ultra Running Series

Sending Neil off!

Andy enjoying a post-race burger!!

Yesterday the fun car with Neil, Andy and myself headed out to Manning Park to do the final event in the BC Ultra Running Trail Series. The weather was terrible. The rain was so heavy the car was hydro planing on the highway and visibility poor. Not so unusual at times here so we are quite familiar with running in these conditions. However, today's journey was going to take us up to almost 8,000 feet for a 50km run. We did this event last year on a very clear beautiful day. I recall telling myself to only do this on a fair day. We arrived with only a few minutes to spare and I decided not to do the event at the last minute. I was really concerned about the weather and the elevation. The decision seemed the sensible thing to do at the moment. Neil was in so he could win the Grand Slam prize for being the only one to complete all 8 events. I almost had company from Andy but since Neil was heading out - so was he! They were off and I headed back to the car where I proceeded to tuck up with my blanket and pillow and a book to read. I dosed off and on for a bit. I felt a bit guilty as I could see the race director and other volunteers working away. I joined in to help and found myself putting labels on the home made wine that Gottfried had made for those who won their age categories and for the volunteers! Back to the car to escape the torrential rain. The time passed quickly and the skies improved. Unfortunately Andy got lost about 8km from the finish and ended up on the other side of Lightening Lake - adding another 10km or so. I wondered why he wasn't in yet and then I saw him approaching the finish area from the wrong direction. Yikes!! He was not a happy guy for a few minutes there. Can't blame him that really is upsetting. He came around and proudly accepted his 3rd place finish in the BC Ultra Running series. Neil received a great Nathan travel bag for being the only one to complete all 8 races in the series. I proudly received 1st place in my age group in the series- a new Nathan back pack! Lots of swag heading back to Maple Ridge in the fun car! It was a bit of a flashback from last year - many prizes coming home in the car! We left Manning Park drove 2 hours back home for a quick clean up to head out to a 60th Birthday party in Langley. We were a bit late for the party but arrived just in time before the caterer cleaned up the food! A long day - but a fulfilling one! Today I managed a 2 hour run on the dykes.

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