Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bagger Challenge - 4 Peaks by Land, Sea and Bike!

Friday night after a day of work a haircut and meeting Mike and Marie and friends for dinner (Mike and Marie were original founders of the local running club, they have retired to Gabriola Island and were in town for a visit...Great to catch up!)I was barely in the door and Neil was keen to discuss our plans for a Saturday outing. Ean had emailed with options to bag a few more peaks on the Howe Sound Crest Trail for the "Bagger Challenge"- check it out at ( I was keen to get out there and bag a few but the last post/blog from Ean showed he was out there for 21 hours bagging many peaks and perhaps got into a little trouble! Hmmmm...Neil proposed another option of Hollyburn, Strachan and Black Mountain. If all goes well -perhaps a quick trip to Bowen Island for Gardner Peak. I was up for the challenge and we set off from Maple Ridge at 8AM. I called Ean to let him know of our route and hey...maybe we will see you out there! We set off from Cypress at 9:30AM and arrived back home at 7:30PM - a good days work!

Neil at the top of Hollyburn Mountain

At the top of Hollyburn Mountain

Neil and the remains of a plane crash from the 1950's on the way to Bag Mount Strachan. It felt a bit creepy!

The top of Mount Strachan

Cypress Creek Lodge where we stopped for a sandwich and coffee after bagging Hollyburn, Strachan and Black Mountains.

On the Ferry to Bowen Island with our bikes to climb Gardner Peak.
We rode our bikes from the ferry terminal to the start of the trail. We hid our bikes in the bush just before the trail really kicked up! The trail up Gardner Peak felt a bit steep but it was the 4th Peak of the day. A beautiful trail with soft needles underfoot - a great downhill run!

Celebrating the 4th Bag -
Gardner Peak - Bowen Island

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