Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Frosty Morning!

Marla and I enjoying the run!

Marla, myself and Chad with the Golden Ears Range behind.

Today Neil and I met up with Chad and Marla for a run at the local UBC Research forest. It consists of trails and forest roads. We did an out and back for just under 2 hours on a very scenic forest road. The trees were coated in heavy frost, the skies very blue, our first run this year in minus temperatures. The gloves, WHW buff and jacket stayed on for the entire run which always is an indicator for me how cold it was. On our return Chad noticed something strange off trail, we investigated and it appeared to be a an experimental natural water filtering station. Like I mentioned the forest is owned by the University of BC and there are student projects throughout the woods! Speaking of students, Marla is also a student at Simon Fraser University. She has taken a leave from her work to under take an undergraduate degree. We were able to share our relief of the semester coming to a close. I am feeling saturated with the Qualitative Research and Survey Methods class! 2 assignments due this week and the final exam is on Thursday. Neil's brother Graeme, and his wife Fiona, are on their way from the south shores of Loch Ness to join us for a Canadian Christmas but first they are off for some sun in Florida!

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