Monday, November 30, 2009

We Are In!!

Today we received emails from StanB informing Neil and I that we are in the 2010 West Highland Way Race! I am perhaps feeling similar emotions as all entrants...Fantastic!...good timing for a goal for 2010...95 miles is a long way...I better figure out how to tape my feet...what will the training plan many days should we arrive in Scotland prior to the race...what about long will we stay post race...

And the biggest thought of all...I really would like Neil to run his own race this year. He stayed with me last year to help me through my first 100 miler (well almost!) It was a team/family effort and we did it! I am concerned about getting lost for the first bit before the support runner can join in...maybe I will find a runner with a similar pace to run with...this also means 2 crews.

This news comes at a great time. I have been immersed in my student assignments and upcoming final exam and a big reorganization in the work place.

WHW...2010...our Olympic Event!

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  1. Congratulations on getting a place for 2010.

    See you in June