Monday, February 8, 2010

From Greece to Maple Ridge, BC Canada

At 7AM today the Olympic Torch passed through our home town for the final stretch into Vancouver for the opening ceremonies on Friday evening. It was a great community event that brought out thousands despite the early hour. The Olympics are here...!!


  1. Hi, Really looking forward to watching the Olympics and seeing BC on TV! One of my favourite ever days in Vancouver was at the 2002 winter olympics when Canada beat the USA in the final of the ice hockey. We went to the stadium to watch it on the screens and then ended up down Robson St with just thousands of people and cars all celebrating - it was amazing!

  2. Hi Caroline,

    What a great memory for you! The province is buzzing with excitement. We have tickets for a Sweden/German hockey game but the final game for Gold will be incredible. Despite the lack of snow at Cypress Mtn - we are ready to host!!Whistler has record snow fall this year - amazing! Cheers from Vancouver!! Carolyn

  3. I reckon it should be really exciting. I'll certainly be following some of the Olympics from here in Scotland. Not sure what unearthly hours of the night it might be for us, though. Enjoy! And be inspired!! ;-)