Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who said there is no snow in Vancouver?

Saturday AM we set out early for the North Shore for a run/climb up Mt. Fromme with Craig and Heather. We anticipated perhaps heavier traffic with the Olympics in town. It was really eerie - there was hardly a car on the road. Perhaps they have freaked us locals out so much about traffic that everyone is staying home! We no sooner left Craig's place and noticed several marked and un-marked police cars on our way to the trail head. We figured they must be there as part of the Olympic security at the base of Grouse Mtn. We hit some awesome trails guided by Craig with only a few wrong turns ;-) but I didn't know where he was trying to take us so I really didn't notice! Prior to leaving home Neil and I discussed that we wouldn't be seeing any snow today as the news keeps reporting no snow on the local mountains. As we started to climb and gain altitude we started to see patches of snow and were soon slipping and sliding on feet of snow! We were completely unprepared for the conditions and had frozen feet and hands as well as some knee abrasions from falling. Common sense prevailed and we turned around not far from the top. While we were up there we heard multiple police sirens from down in the city. I even commented at one point that something was going on down there. Sure enough once back home we hear of the protesters rioting on Robson Street and apparently they closed the Lions Gate Bridge to try to contain them. Wow, the risks that come with hosting such an event such as the Olympics. Great outing Heather, Craig and Neil. Glad we turned around when we did. Let's do it again in the summer!

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