Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to London for a couple more runs in Hyde Park.

Upgraded to Business Class!

Friday morning - quiet in the park.

Final run!

Thursday afternoon run.

Neil on the Eurostar on our way back to London.

We travelled by the TGV train from Tours to Paris to catch the Eurostar train back to London. It was raining lightly in London which made for a refreshing run in Hyde Park after the heat and humidity in France. We had one night in London before our flight left from Heathrow Airport back to Vancouver. We went out for dinner at a restaurant close to the hotel that we have enjoyed before - Zaffereno's. A bustling place of good food and good atmosphere. It had stopped raining by the morning and of course we went for our final run in the park. It was a quiet morning in the park. Neil contemplated a stop in the park for a bacon roll as a final treat. He decided against it as we had a long journey ahead of sitting and eating airplane food.
We had the pleasure of being moved up again into Business Class - love it! BA had made an error and had moved us apart for the journey home despite us paying the extra money to "reserve" our seats and to check in on-line 24 hours prior to departure. We stood our ground and they finally moved us up. This happened once before after WHW - they are nice little sleeping units. The flight home went as well as a 9 hour flight can go. A couple of movies...a few magazines read...I enjoyed the Runners World from Britain and the article on Paula's running career. There was also an incredible story of a lady named Rosie that pulled a cart that she slept in as she did 27 marathons in 27 days. Amazing! We were up first thing this morning (jet lag!) and headed out to shake it out on a trail in Golden Ears Park. What a contrast from France, London. Tonight I have a high school reunion party to attend - hopefully I will be able to stay awake to enjoy it!

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