Monday, August 23, 2010

Running in Tours, France

The Tours City Hall - today's conference center and the welcoming ceremony at night.

The Welcoming Marching Band - they/ were fun and a bit off!

The appetizers and refreshments waiting while the speaches finish.

Like these! Can we grow them in BC?

And these?

Nice view if the Conference Center at Night.

We arrived in Tours, France by train - the TGV. It was fast and only 1 hour from Paris. (200mph!) We arrived in the mid afternoon which gave us time to discover parts of the city and of course the running routes. The Hotel Concierage was very helpful at pointing us in the direction of the trails along the River Loire. It was a Sunday which brought a lot of locals out for activities along the river. The sun was hot - must have been about 35 degrees. We discovered a nice river path that we ran for about 60 minutes - it was hot! I did the run again today mid afternoon while we had a slight rain shower - it was refreshing! Today Neil attended his conference and really enjoyed the speakers. Tonight we attended a welcome reception at Tours City Hall. There are over 70 countries represented at the conference which is quite unique.(people eat poultry around the world!) At the reception the welcoming remarks included those from the Mayor of Tours. It is a great city with lots to see and do! We have reserved some bikes to ride along the River Loire on Wednesday to Castles and sights along the way. It looks like a good ride aprox 50km return.

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