Sunday, November 14, 2010

A North Shore Trail Run

Craig and I - Hi Neil!

The starter photo!

Saturday Marla and I joined Club Fat Ass for the 20 km Sweet Go Deep event. Neil had made plans to pour a concrete pad at the barn with Randy and Andy. Randy has been helping Neil with this project for a few weeks now. There was heavy rain early in the morning and I thought will the day go as planned. I thought about a "custom" run as you can do with a CFA event and will Neil be able to pour the concrete? All those crazy thoughts prior to the alarm going off. Once up - the rain had stopped and I packed up my gear and was on my way to pick Marla up. It has been a while since we have had a trail outing together. Marla and I are both students at SFU so the conversation was rich with student schedules, projects due and plans for next term. We made it to Deep Cove in 45 minutes. The car park soon filled up with CFA members for the event. Nice to catch up with many trail friends. We sign in, pose for the start photo and head off. Craig knows the route so we stay with him and his trail knowledge of the area. The trails were soggy and very slippery - unfortunately Craig hit a slippery section of rock and bottomed out! Ouch! A few of us ran as a group which made for good trail chat. Marla and I joined in for the post event lunch and took home a few prizes. Thanks Reagan who hosted the was fun! Looking forward to some more upcoming CFA events in November and December. Today Neil and I did a good 1.5 hour run locally. Trying out a new headlamp tomorrow on a night run - Fenix HP10 - it is supposed to be a good one!

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