Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Powerful Effects of Weather on the Trails.

Friday night the Scottish Comedian - Billy Connelly was performing in Vancouver. It was a great show! The show lasted 2hrs 40 minutes and he went straight through without a break. It was a great laugh! This past week we had more snow and very high winds. We lost a tall Blue Spruce tree in our garden that we put our Christmas lights on every year. It will be missed but the beautiful boughs will get put to good use next weekend at a Christmas Wreath making party and the wood will be dried and used in our outdoor fire pit. The weather has also impacted the trails. Saturday we went for a run on the Baden Powell trail and found it covered in ice and snow. That always makes it a bit of a crazy outing of caution and fear. Sunday we were back in Maple Ridge and went to Hayward Lake and were shocked by the damage that happened from the high winds. Once the authorities learn of the damage they will probably close the trail. I think Neil and I were among the first people through there since the storm. So both Saturday and Sunday's runs were impacted by the power of winter - although early, it appears winter is here! Looking forward to the arrival of the snowshoes this week so we can really embrace winter and do some snowshoe running.


  1. Be sure to post a pic and link to snowshoes for running, I need some of those today

  2. Hi George!
    We purchased them through Mountain Equipment Coop. Google MEC Running Snowshoes. We went with the Atlas Running Snowshoes (yellow ones in the photo) I think they might even ship internationally.

    Good Luck and Enjoy the Snow!!


  3. Baden Powell looks like it took a beating!
    Love the photos.
    talk to you soon