Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Shoes - Kitty Checking Them Out!

It was time for new shoes. Both my trail and road shoes were pretty well done - I couldn't decide on what I needed more road or trail shoes so came home with both! Thankfully Santa had brought gift cards for such items. I have been wearing Nike road shoes on the trails this past year. I like the cushioning the road shoes have. Nike has a new trail Pegasus that felt so comfortable and has the tread that is less slippery. Our mid week runs have been predominantly on the roads close to home over these winter months so the road shoe is a must! It was a wet weekend here in Vancouver with the trails very muddy, I left the new shoes at home. We ran locally both Saturday and Sunday - repeating the route both days. It's a challenging route that takes a couple of hours on the trails behind our house.


  1. Which pair does Kitty prefer? ;-)


  2. Kitty really prefers them when they come home full of great smells!