Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trans Canada Trail - 30.5km

The Start for us Today!

The Trans Canada Trail Map.

The Finish at the Pitt River Bridge.

This weekend is the anniversary of the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. What a better way to celebrate than to go for a run on the Trans Canada Trail! Thanks David for posting this flash Club Fat Ass idea. The Trans Canada trail upon completion, will be the longest shared-use recreational trail in the world, spanning roughly 17,244 kilometers (10,714 miles) and winding its way through every Canadian province and territory. Approximately 75% of the 17,244-kilometer Trail will be built on existing trails, abandoned railway lines and crown lands with the remaining 25% being "new" trail. Currently, just over 10,000 kilometers of the trail have been registered. It will be owned, operated and maintained by local organizations, provincial authorities, national agencies, and municipalities across Canada.
We joined the trail at the top of Burnaby Mountain @ Simon Fraser University. Chad dropped Marla, Ken, Neil and I off and we met up with Wendy who ran from North Vancouver. Not too long after we started we met Ean running towards us. Marla noticed a trail marker that said another 11,000 km to the finish! The trail took us down Burnaby Mountain, along Burrard Inlet, into Rocky Point in Port Moody, through Port Coquitlam on the Poco Trail and then joined the dykes in Pitt Meadows where we finished at the Pitt River Bridge where we had left our car. The trail was well marked with the Trans Canada Trail markers. We dropped Wendy and Ean off at the sky train station in New Westminster and joined the others for some food at the Gillnetter Pub. I fell asleep in the car on the way home - sign of a great long run!


  1. Trans Canada Trail looks amazing! But a very long detour to do that 'little' bit on Baffin Island (I think its Baffin Island).

    I wonder who will be the first person to complete the full distance. Maybe someone is already en route to doing so.....

    Murdo t M

  2. Great report! This trail should get more love and publicity than it does!

  3. I can think of a few people itching to do the full route someday. And they are just crazy enough to make it happen, present company perhaps included. Looks like y'all had a fun run!