Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ultra # 34 - the First in 2011!!

I'm not much of a score keeper with the Ultra's that I complete but I am starting to count them down with the goal of 50 by age 50. I have some time...and think it is doable! Yesterday Neil and I participated in the Dirty Duo 50km event. There are a few options, 15km, 25km, 50 km, and mountain bike options with relays as well. It is busy out there on the course but fun! This year my running buddy Craig and I decided to head out together to tackle the 50km. It is a double loop of the 25km course but you don't really feel like you are doing the same course again as the transition into the 2nd loop is different and somehow tricks the mind that it is not the same! ;-) Those of you who have done the 50km course will know what I mean! The rain held off for the start. A few hours into the run as the rain was pouring off my face I said to Craig - it's raining - yep he said, it has been for a few hours now! Craig pulled me through the first 25km - it always takes me a few hours to warm up. I pushed him for the last half so we were great partners out there to get to the finish! Neil had a good run too! With staggered start times and varying distances we meet many trail friends along the way. It was a wet and very muddy course which makes it all the more rewarding to complete it. We had a post run party at Craig's and enjoyed the company of Liza & Karl and Chad & Marla. It was nice to meet Vicky who provided us with many good nibbles. The Twisted Quaich from the Bagger Challenge made an appearance. Neil and I had evening tickets to the Cirque de Soleil show, Quidam. It was a really interesting show to see the athletic abilities and strength of the performers. Incredible!! Made the 50km look like a a very simple thing to accomplish!


  1. Well done ...

    Love the 50 by 50 ... go for it!

  2. Thanks for the good times Carolyn!