Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Snowy and Icy Weekend!

Winter hit Vancouver this weekend. We had a good bit of snow fall Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning we joined Craig and Liza at 10am to participate in the Club Fat Ass run from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove return to Lynn Canyon. Actually we did it in reverse - it really was intended to start in Deep Cove. Craig lives in the Lynn Canyon area so if we finished there we could shower up before heading out to the Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins hockey game. It was cold when we started (-3) with light snow. As the day progressed and we retreated into the woods it appeared to get colder. The trail was really quite dry when we started due to the cold temperatures this past week. Some sections had some ice but they were quite obvious. We saw many familiar faces coming and going on the route. Just before we reached Deep Cove for the turn around Liza rolled her ankle. Ouch! She made a wise decision to call it enough. Craig rounded up a stranger in the Deep Cove parking lot to drive Liza back to her car at Lynn Canyon. The strangers were runners so we knew she was in good hands;-). We set out for the return leg back to Lynn Canyon with the long climb out of Deep Cove. I was glad we were going up and working hard as I was starting to feel the cold. The snow was starting to cover the trails with ice patches forming on the trails. We made it back in about the same time, 5 hours total. We showered up at Craig's and went for a bite to eat before heading into Vancouver for the hockey game. It was really snowing in the city. It didn't keep the fans away though! It was a good game but the Canucks did loose 3-1. The ride home was a bit treacherous. Today, first thing we went to Hayward for a 1.5 hour run in the deep snow. It was fun but there was the odd icy patch beneath the snow to test our reflexes! Neil could hardly wait to get home and clear the 6" of snow in the drive way with his John Deere Tractor and new this year, snow blower attachment. It worked great and the driveways are clear and good to go!

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