Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baggers Banquet and a Halloween Run

The 2012 Club Fat Ass Baggers Challenge has come to a close. It was another great year! Thanks to Julia and David for their administration of the event and for hosting another great Baggers Banquet. Bill Maurer and I won for the male/female for the most number of peaks. Bill is also the first to complete all 57 peaks in one year. Well done Bill!

The Birthday Bag!

Celebrating on top of Mt. Harvey on a beautiful Fall day - it was a spectacular day on the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Happy Baggers!

Neil and I - nice early evening on the Peaks!

Below is Harry, the Junior Champion - he has defended this title several years in a row.

The prizes, the Quaichs were piped in to Scotland the Brave. Thanks Alan!

Ean Jackson also became a "compleatist" this year by now having climbed all the peaks in the Bagger Challenge. Congratulations Ean! That's Tundra the Ultra Dog with him in the boat on the Dicken's trip. Tundra has won the canine division each year and only has two more peaks for herself to become the first canine compleatist.

This year the  Twisted Quaich was awarded to 2 families with young children who were getting the next generation out bagging - Congratulations to the Dagg's and the Healey -Thorpe's.

This weekend we also participated in a trail 1/2 marathon. I'm proud of this one! I have spent much of the late summer/ fall climbing 21 peaks. Running and bagging are 2 different sports! The fall is also a difficult time of year for me with my asthma. Neil signed us up for this trail event and despite me having the best excuse in the world such as not able to breathe while sleeping - he really encouraged me to try the event. I used a lot of Ventolin out there today but was very pleased to see I was second in my age category! Big Birthdays do have some advantages! It was also nice to catch up (literally|) with trail buddies (Baldwin) ;-) Well done everyone! We are signed up for events most weekends prior to Christmas - looking forward to them!


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  1. Well done Princess! See you out there.