Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here Comes the Rain Again!

Dave and I - wet!

This weekend the rain came after the driest summer/fall in 117 years. I haven't been around that long but have found myself trying to adjust. That might sound strange for someone who was born and raised in the Vancouver rain. It's amazing how you become accustomed to the fair weather. The rains were torrential all weekend - we even lost our power for most of today (thanks generator!)
Being hard core baggers we tried to bag a peak despite the weather on Saturday. It was a bit of a scramble in the house locating the necessary rain gear, hats and gloves. We picked Dave up and drove up to the Mt. Seymour parking lot - the weather was terrible. We could hardly see the buildings in the parking lot and the wind and rain were nasty. Team decision - not wise so we jumped in the car and went lower down on Seymour to do a 2 hour run on the trails. Today we managed a 2 hour run at Hayward Lake during a calm in the rain storm in the late afternoon.
Fall is a great time to set some plans for the upcoming winter to keep us moving. There are a number of events we are considering locally throughout the fall/winter and we have our eye on some international events for the spring.

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