Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seymour Super Fun Run

Saturday we participated in Club Fat Ass's Seymour Super Fun Run. The rain held off and the weather was perfect for a fall 27 km outing on the trails. Craig met us at the start and the 3 of us navigated our way to the finish. The route is posted on line and there are many places to take the wrong turn! The trails have changed since we last did this route ;-) (that is the story we are sticking to!) We found ourselves in places where we perhaps should not have been. When I asked ...are we on the route? Craig replied, we know our way back. Today we had a 1.5 hour run up the fire access road from Mike Lake in Golden Ears Park.
Exciting news this week....we have signed up for the Cateran 55 mile trail run in Scotland in May. When we first met Dario he mentioned that we would really like this event and suggested we add it to the must do list! Neil's family farm was in Blairgowrie where the route goes through. Graeme, Neil's middle brother who lives near Inverness is also signed up. well underway including the Marcothon for me in the month of December - you must run every day for 25 minutes in December. Last year I found it  really tough some days when the weather is terrible and the after work Christmas parties are calling - but I did it. It takes careful planning of the week to fit it all in. Looking forward to giving it my best!


  1. Thanks for the water and food Carolyn and Neil. It's nice to be able to easily turn a short run into a medium run with you two around.

  2. Our pleasure! Anything to keep you going so you can win the CFA points.