Monday, December 3, 2012

Scottish Marcothon in Canada!

Well it's December 3rd and I've managed the Marcothon so far! Which means I must run for 25 minutes every day in the month of December. On Saturday we ran for 3 hours with Dave at the Buntzen Lake area. Sunday we ran for 1.5 hours at Hayward Lake and tonight we ran for 50 minutes on the dykes. All this despite a lot of "life" happening around this. The next 3 days are going to be tricky with Christmas parties and the TRX class we have been doing this fall - plans are in the works to squeeze in the runs. Looks like a couple of early mornings and I mean early as we already rise very early. On Sunday I attended my friend Maxine's annual Christmas Wreath making party where I create the only crafty thing I do all year - see the masterpiece in the photo!  Neil is going to try the Marcothon this year too - maybe we can keep each other going. Our running buddy Dave Berg is also giving it a go! The Marcothon is happening again this year in Canada - thanks Marco in Scotland for keeping us all moving during the month of December!

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