Monday, February 4, 2013

Seymour Bear Creek Bridge Loop

Yesterday Dave, Craig, Neil and I set out on the Seymour Bear Creek Bridge 25km Loop. It was drizzly and just above zero when we set off. We knew that conditions might be dodgy so we all brought extra layers. Within minutes we started pulling off the layers. Not long into the run we came upon snow where we added back a few layers.. We didn't bring the Yak Tracks so it was a bit slow going for about 10 km through the snow section. The rain/snow held off so we managed to stay somewhat dry.
 Large trees with plenty of canopy and  moss!
 Seymour Bear Creek Bridge
 Craig and I almost at the top of the loop.
 Wildlife along the way - a Deer!
A dead fish on the trail - this one surprised us!
We enjoyed some hot coffee and good food at the Black Bear post run.


  1. Big trees and deer. Stinky fish. Slippery too I imagine.

    1. Great run...we should add it as a regular outing. Hopefully the fish sightings will be rare!