Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Extremes - flat road running and a long trail run.

Last weekend was a new long weekend here in BC, Family Day. I was on call which means I must run where there is cell reception. We ran on the Pitt Meadows Dykes and the Stanley Park Sea Wall. 3 days of flat running - my hip flexors were feeling it all week.

This weekend we ran the trails at Hayward Lake and the Dirty Duo Course. The change in terrain and the hills were very welcome after last weekends flat running. During the winter months we often run on the dykes in Pitt Meadows after work. I've noticed the days are getting longer which will allow us to venture onto some other trails during the week.

We are continuing with the TRX class once/week. It is great for stretching and for some upper body work.

 The Vancouver Seawall as the sun begins to set.
 Siwash Rock and freighters in the distance.
 On the edge.
 Dave and I running strong on an easier section of the Dirty Duo route.
 Almost at the top of Homestead - nearly done the 25km route.

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