Sunday, June 16, 2013

Banff, Alberta

 This past week we had a 4 day trip to Banff, Alberta. Neil had a 2 day conference there so we added a couple of days to enjoy the splendour of the Rocky Mountains. This photo was taken on one of the hikes we did in The Cory Pass.

The Banff Springs Hotel where the conference was held is the castle in the distance.

 At the height of our climb which was very steep we were at 7, 700 feet.
 The wild flowers were starting to bloom - amazing through such cold winter temperatures and such high altitude they come back every year. This is known as  a "Paint Brush".
Great place for a lunch break!
A friendly Big Horn Sheep encounter...the coat on him did not look good. Neil reassured me this is normal for the spring.
Late in the afternoon we climbed the Temple Mountain viewpoint. In the mountains late in the day often storms appear - we watched this storm roll in. 
Too much snow on Mount Rundell right now we were told to climb it - we are back to Banff in the fall and this is on our to do list!
Always a great place to visit - looking forward to our next trip in the fall.


  1. There is an easy route to Hat peak from the Hat/Wettin col. Just head 500 meters NE to a broad easy gully that leads to the top. A Clubtread hiker also found a non-technical route up the west face, but he has not published the details.

  2. Thanks for this information. I won't be going back the way we went! I'll keep it in mind for next year!