Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada - A Boat Ride a Bike Ride and a Few Bags.

Happy Canada Day!
This was a long weekend to celebrate Canada's 146th birthday. The weather was hot - 33 degrees C. We celebrated by hitting the trail all 3 days - which felt great. Saturday Neil and I revisited the Baden Powell trail out of Grouse to remind us about this section for the up and coming Knee Knacker in 2 weeks time. Last weekend we climbed Black Mountain to remind us of that section of the Knee Knacker. We climbed Black Mountain in the reverse direction for Vancouver 100 - I'm not sure which is worse going down Black Mountain or going up Black Mountain??

Sunday a group of us went to Bowen Island to climb Mount Gardner, both Dave and Craig had never climbed this one. Craig was back in town. Marla and Chad joined us as well. We took our bikes on the ferry and enjoyed the short but heart thumper of a ride to the start of Gardner. It was a warm day for the climb. Beautiful views at the top!

Rewarding Views!

We took a few minutes to enjoy the warmth of the day and the sights.
Coming down - nice trail all the way.
What a contrast to last weekends outing. Dave, Neil and I went up Suicide Bluffs, another in the Bagger Challenge on Mt. Seymour. The snow was still deep and dangerous with plenty of post holing.
Suicide Bluffs with plenty of snow remaining.
We came upon this tree with Christmas ornaments all over the ground underneath it - there must have been a Christmas party here! Perhaps they snow shoed in? Sounds like a fun party!
The remaining members of Team Dodgy!


  1. Very Dodgy MooreJuly 3, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    We could've used some of that snow on Gardner to keep us cool. Always a great time with Dodgy!

  2. We must be aware of the snow still up there!
    Hope all is going well in Kamloops - you have had some really hot temperatures, 41 ouch!
    I'll miss you this weekend when they take me up the needles...stay tuned for the report!

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