Friday, August 30, 2013

A Weekend at Whistler

Last weekend Neil and I went to Whistler for a few days. I always enjoy Whistler in the summer, it's great in all seasons but I do appreciate the high hiking trails that are accessible during the summer months.The views are spectacular in all directions. We hiked/ran the High Note Trail (7,000 feet), biked on the bike paths and enjoyed a run on the Valley Trail. We managed a quick shop in the village where I picked up a yoga mat for a weekly class I have signed up for starting next week through into December. This will be the first yoga class I have done so fingers crossed that I like it! As the days become shorter I always start planning my activity for the fall. So far Neil and I are signed up for TRX which we have enjoyed for the past year, I'm also signed up for a Yoga class at the local community center and we will run the nights we can. I plan to run to and from the yoga class which is at the local community center. I even have a pack that will hold my yoga mat! Weekend activities are easier for us to make happen - it's the week days that we need to better schedule into our lives.  
The Summit of Whistler Mountain
 The High Note Trail
Cheakamus Lake
Another view of Cheakamus Lake 
Enjoying the bike trails!
While we were at Whistler, Ironman Canada was taking place. This is the first time the event has been in Whistler. The swim was in Alta Lake, the bike went to Pemberton and back to Whistler and the run was a few loops on the Valley trail net work. We saw some of the competitors finishing. What a different sport from trail running/ultra running! Those folks are very serious and this is such a contrast from ultra running/trail running. We were reflecting on events we have participated in where you don't see another human being for hours and have no formal aid stations for 100 miles. That's where family and friends are the deal maker for the event. Speaking of events, Neil and I have signed up for our first event in 2014 - a road marathon in Tromso, Norway called the Midnight Sun Marathon. Neil is presenting at a conference in Stavanger around the same time so we thought what a great opportunity to run an event 350km north of the Artic Circle! Tromso's Midnight Sun Marathon takes place in 24 hours of daylight, that will be very different!  They advertise it as the most spectacular and scenic in the world taking runners by fjords, mountains and colourful houses along the way. Runners from around the globe come to run this event so it should be fun! It starts at 7 pm and most runners are in by midnight. I guess I better get out on the road - I am almost 100% on trails these days.
Happy Labour Day Weekend Canada!



  1. Whistler, High Note hike/running, yoga and a road marathon! Now that's a blog worth reading. Good luck with the yoga by the way. I want a full report and a picture of the yoga mat carrier.

    1. I will let you know how it goes - pictures coming your way!